While the Pear Shape may be the focus for some, the Pear Opinion seems to be the focus of others. So much so that Kasinda “Pear Shaped Sista” David now has more Topic Requests than she can handle!

What innocently started as just another small Youtube Channel has blossomed into something never fathomed, at least not by her.

February 11, 2011 was the beginning of Pear Shaped Sista’s (online) existence. While the main focus of the channel was supposed to be the weight loss journey of a pear shaped woman, she knew full well that there would be times when she’d do what she does best…..ramble (and rant)!

Though initially reserved during her first few videos Kay (aka Pear) easily became acclimated to the camera. This can probably be attributed to her being born under the sign of a natural-born communicator-the Gemini. It could also be due to the fact that she has always enjoyed talking, but also loves to lend a listening ear when needed, which is exactly what happened.

What started as one person asking Kay for her opinion on their situation (and Kay willingly providing it on camera) soon spiraled into her opinion being sought around the clock and around the world!

In less than a year and a half’s span, Kay’s Youtube Channel  has garnered over 10,000 subscribers and over 4.3 million video views! She’s interacted with and formed very close bonds with people in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, throughout the U.S.A. and many other places. As of June 2015, She has over 31,000 subscribers, despite a lengthy hiatus from YouTube to focus on school.

Being the Multi-Tasking Queen that she is, not only does she operate her well-known Youtube channel and this website, but Pearshapedweightloss.com  and youtube.com/pearshapedweightloss keep her equally as busy! With the exception of her self-titled youtube channel, all are in their infancy, but Kay has very high hopes for them.

On this site you will find her putting her Southern-Fried spin on a plethora of topics: love, sex, relationships, fashion, beauty, body composition, motivation, inspiration and whatever else pops into her head! It just wouldn’t be real if Kay didn’t give you a little bit randomness!

Peruse the site not, once, not twice, but every day so you can keep up with all the offerings of your favorite pint-sized-pear-shaped-powerhouse!